Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging is a beautiful way to showcase your property, construction site, or event. Whether you’re looking for still photos from a new perspective or crystal clear 4K aerial video with smooth movements, let Dan Evans Media, LLC pilot your aerial imaging needs to produce a product that stand out from the others. We service a 45 mile radius of the Wake Forest, NC area including Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas.


Industries served

  • Construction

  • Events

  • Tourism

  • Corporate

  • Advertising


Certifications & Waivers

FAA Part 107 Licensed

North Carolina Commercial Operations Permitted

107.29 Daylight Waiver

Why should I hire an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot?

1: It is a legal requirement

The Federal Aviation Administration has clearly stated that flying a drone without a remote pilot license is illegal and punishable up to $11,000. That’s an expensive flight…

2: Safe flights

Part 107 pilots are required to know where and when they can and cannot fly. Additionally Dan Evans Media, LLC keeps regular logs of all flights, has scheduled maintenance for each aircraft, and performs a preflight checklist prior to every flight.

3: Professionalism

There’s a difference between those I affectionately refer to as “BestBuy pilots” and Part 107 pilots. When you hire a professional part 107 pilot, you’re going to get a quality end product with smooth stabilized footage rather than amateur footage that will be jerky with unpredictable movements.

*You can read a summary of the guidelines for FAA Part 107 here.