Aerial Imaging

In recent years, aerial imaging is being discovered as one of the most useful tools for real estate photography, construction videos, and even search & rescue efforts being conducted by emergency services. I can provide you a final product that will fulfill what you're looking to get out of aerial imaging while maintaining quality and safety.

Aerial Services

3-D Building Models

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Aerial Still Photography


Elevation Profiles

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Aerial Video Production




What type of drone license do you have?

Being an FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured Pilot, you get a couple of added benefits to that when you hire me for your next project involving aerial imaging.

First, you're hiring a sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) pilot who understands FAA Rules & Regulations that the general public may not know about flying an sUAS and could potentially put people and even manned aircraft operations at risk.

Secondly, you're hiring someone that has experience in piloting an sUAS that knows what is going to look appeasing to the eye of the viewer.

Thirdly, you're hiring someone that is keeping safety in mind at all times by making sure that the flight can be conducted safely without putting any property, or most importantly, any person in harms way.

What makes you different from other people that do aerial imaging?

Almost anyone can go to Best Buy, drop a grand, and go fly a drone. What makes me different from others is that not only are you hiring a licensed and insured drone pilot, you're also hiring someone who knows how to make a photo or video look great.

When I conduct my flights, I want to make sure that I capture the photo at the best angle, make sure that the sun is at its best angle for lighting the landscape, making sure that the photos are edited in a way that makes the landscape look appealing.

It's very similar to how anyone can go pickup a DSLR camera and say they're a photographer, it's a whole different thing when the person you hire understands all the different aspects of the tools he uses and how to utilize those tools for the best outcome.

Are you insured?

Yes. All of my commercial flights are not allowed to get off the ground unless they're covered with a $1,000,000 liability policy prior to take off.

What are the limitations of your aerial imaging services?

While aerial imaging is a very useful tool, it does come with some limitations. Some of which are listed as.

  • No flights above 400ft AGL (Above Ground Level)
  • No indoor flights
  • Must have optimal flight conditions (No more than mostly cloudy, winds under 10MPH)
  • No flights before civil dawn or after civil dusk
  • No flights within 5 miles of an airport

Located in the Wake Forest, NC area, I look forward to working with you on your next project that may need aerial work.